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Uncomplicated real estate valuation in Berlin and Brandenburg

The determination of the market value of a property by an appraisal agency is usually related to a particular life situation that requires special care - often in the case of divorce or inheritance matters. The H&Z Immobilien appraisal office offers you comprehensive advice and order processing by a DEKRA-certified and verified real estate expert and appraiser from Berlin Köpenick. We serve clients in Berlin and Brandenburg. The initial consultation is of course always free of charge and non-binding.


Services and prices

Expert Opinion / Statement

German / English

599 Euro / 649 Euro

The expert opinion on the market value of a property is limited to the final assessment of the market value, without detailed legal and mathematical explanations. The explanations are limited to a rough overview and details are only presented in the case of special features. There is also no photo documentation of the inspection.


In terms of the way in which the market value is calculated, however, the statement does not differ from an expert opinion. The on-site inspection of the property is also part of the opinion.

Brief Report

German / English

999 Euro / 1099 Euro

The light version of a complete market value appraisal: The explanations and the scope of the photo documentation do not come close to those of a complex market value appraisal or “full appraisal” - nevertheless, the short appraisal contains a solid overview of all valuation aspects on around 20 - 30 pages. This also includes a description of the building structures and a rough overview of the legal calculation bases.


Photos and, if required, other attachments, such as maps or floor plans, provide a deeper understanding of the property and the expert's calculation of the market value.

Full Market Value Appraisal

Available in german only.*

1899 Euro 

The market value appraisal within the meaning of § 194 BauGB, often also referred to as a real estate appraisal or full appraisal, offers comprehensive legal and mathematical explanations of the value-relevant aspects of the property. Visual impressions, structural characteristics and damage are documented and described. In addition, both the structure and selection of valuation methods are explained.


The legal and factual particularities of the property and the data basis of the valuation - including its sources - are clearly illustrated and discretionary decisions are comprehensibly justified.

Please note: Statements and brief reports may not be sufficient for legal disputes and for submission to authorities and courts. We will be happy to advise you on this free of charge and without obligation.

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